Welcome to jeffreinhardt.us. My website is dedicated to my family, work, hobbies and general passions.

I am the younger of two sons. My parents, Bob and Edie Reinhardt, are two wonderful and supportive people. My older brother, Rob Reinhardt is a professional counselor, avid board gamer, ultimate frisbee enthusiast and a wonderful father to my neice and nephew, twins Maya Luna and Tristan Liam. Their mother, Kelley Harrell, is my brother's partner in life, author, and all around wonderful person.

For work I spend my time making all of you non-geeks crazy with websites and software. Yes, I am a computer software engineer. I am currently working as at Clever Devices as a Senior Software Engineer. The technologies I use are: Microsoft .Net (c# / vb), ASP.Net, Webforms, Winforms, SQL Server (6.5 up to 2012), WCF, SaaS, HTML, DHTML, XML, Classic ASP, VBScript and Javascript. I also worked classicly in Visual Basic (4,5,6), ColdFusion, and more. Visit my work page for more or to download my resume.

My hobbies are a mix of things I enjoy in life. Strategy Board Gaming (mostly Euro Games), Shooting (including competitively), Motorcycles (cruisers), Bowling, Golf and more. Check out my hobbies page for more on these things.

First, for all of you reading this and thinking it is a hobby, you're right. I could not, however, group it with my other hobbies as it is a true passion in my life. I like to tell people there is nothing like cruising at 5000 feet going 135 mph and just enjoying the view. Flying is something that I just cannot get enough of and am very glad that I have had the opportunity in my life to enjoy the experience. Read more about my flying experiences on my flying pages, including some cool stories of my own as well as others I have had the pleasure of meeting or flying with. Pilots in general are a very friendly and social group and we all learn from each other, it is a great community and I am honored to be a member and among such wonderful people.